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CEPAT INFO, our mission is to help realize health every day. We provide inspiration and information that people need to make healthy eating a way of life. Our experts offer delicious recipes, balanced nutritional advice, stories that stimulate the mind and new ways to make healthy choices more attractive. We are about moderation and balance - not strict rules or fad diets - because for healthy eating to be a way of life, it must be accessible, sustainable, inspiring and above all delicious.

I like good food. And, I say yes, this girl can EAT. But, I like to stay healthy, at least 80% of the time. This is not always a problem, and I used to live by the "95% healthy" rule. But now? I believe there are no food rules. I believe food must taste good but it must also be very nutritious for your body for the most part. Some say it can't be done, but I'm here to show you it can be done easily. Super duper is actually easy. But, I also believe to respect your body and your cravings and sometimes this body craves donuts!