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Simple No baked Cheese cake

We adapted the actual recipe through “1 Day time Sweet Parmesan cheese no Cake” through Takahashi Kyoko (2010). Originally this particular recipe is perfect for 12cm springfrom dessert pan. Cream parmesan cheese mixture is really a bit runny, should collection out side from the pan along with wrap or even aluminium foil very first, but I allow it to be easy within cup
4 portions


  • 40 gr Digestive cookie (crushed)
  • 20 gr Melted Butter
  • 100 gr Cream parmesan cheese or Pad cheese
  • seventy grams Bitter cream or even Plain yogurt
  • ninety grams Large cream
  • 50 gr Lemon liquid
  • 40 gr Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Gelatin powder+20g chilly water
  • 50 gr Milk


  1. Making brown crust area, combine smashed digestive cookie with dissolved butter and place in the bottom from the container. Push tightly (If utilizing springform dessert pan, store within freezer a minimum of an hour)
  2. Put together the gelatin, blossom 1tbsp associated with Gelatin natural powder in 20g associated with cold drinking water, set the side.
  3. Mix all of the cream parmesan cheese ingredients within blender
  4. **If utilizing hand machine or whisk
  5. -Soften lotion cheese within microwave (500W/30sec)
  6. -Whisk lotion cheese+sour cream+sugar till sugar break down
  7. -Add large cream as well as lemon liquid, whisk till smooth
  8. Warm whole milk in microwave (500W/30sec) or simply warm within the pot, not allow milk steam. Dissolve gelatin within warmed whole milk and increase the cream parmesan cheese mixture.
  9. Pour lotion cheese mixture about the crust, allow it to chill and occur fridge for just two hours
  10. Serve with fruit or quickly pull
  11. This recipe isn't very wealthy, but gentle and calm!! Sweet fresh fruit jam topping is the greatest. I best with blueberry quickly pull and sakura quickly pull ^^.

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