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Oreo Milka Kinderbueno Nutella Cheesecake

My personal sibling as well as We had been trying to find some thing in order to make on her birthday celebration, all of us appeared on the web as well as discovered this particular recept, however all of us offered this just a little individual contact


  • two deals oreo
  • two hundred gr nutella
  • two hundred gr milka dark chocolate
  • 5 gentler bueno's
  • two hundred gr friday chou (cream cheese)
  • twenty five gr sugars
  • two hundred and fifty ml whipped lotion
  • 50 gr butter


  1. four several hours 20 minutes
  2. Warmth the actual stove in order to 50 levels celcius as well as place the actual butter within
  3. Place the linen associated with bakery document within the cooking container as well as oil this
  4. Mill the actual oreo's inside a kitchen area device (you may conserve a few oreo's for that adornments, however the bottom from the cheesecake will end up thinner)
  5. Include the actual butter towards the grinded oreo's
  6. Fill up the actual bottem from the cooking container using the oreo/butter blend
  7. Push the actual blend toned as well as place it within the deep freeze until the bottom from the cheesecake gets strong
  8. Defeat the actual whipped lotion gradually airy using the sugars
  9. Defeat the actual friday chou parmesan cheese just a little free
  10. Blend the actual whipped lotion and also the friday chou, as well as help to make the actual parmesan cheese
  11. Include the actual parmesan cheese about the oreo bottom as well as place it in the actual deep freeze (for +/- two hours)
  12. Place the actual container associated with nutella within the stove
  13. Consider the actual almost carried out dessert from the deep freeze as well as distribute the actual nutella along with the actual parmesan cheese
  14. Place the actual dessert in the actual deep freeze with regard to +/- two several hours
  15. Place the actual milka within the stove
  16. Split the majority of the main kinderbueno's within little cubes (some is going to be utilized later on on)
  17. Distribute the actual milka about the coating associated with nutella, as well as push the actual cubes associated with bueno within the milka (or location the actual bueno very first as well as put the actual milka more than all of them, your own preference)
  18. Mill the residual bueno's, as well as enhance the actual dessert (also if you have preserved a few oreo's, it is now time to put all of them about the cake)
  19. Place the actual completed dessert within the fridge, as well as wait around until the actual milka gets strong
  20. Appreciate!

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