Oreo Cheesecake non bake

quite simple but stunning dessert...
specifically for chocolate enthusiasts...
8 portions
30 minutes

For the actual Oreo Bottom

  • 2 container Oreo's (crushed in order to crumble)
  • four tsp butter, dissolved

Top lotion

  • 250 gr Philadelphia lotion cheese (room temp)
  • three hundred ml to whip cream
  • 1 may sweetened compacted milk
  • two envelope gelatine
  • 60 ml warm water
  • 2 tsp vanilla draw out
  • 1 whole milk chocolate, carefully grated (to serve)


  1. Set apart a cheesecake container...
  2. In the food processor chip add the actual Oreo cookies and procedure till crumbled..... include melted butter.... mix into combined.
  3. Mix ought to hold together whenever a handful clumps collectively when squashed in hand of hands.... if it appears to dried out add much more butter... very small amounts at any given time otherwise it might become in order to greasy.
  4. Press mixture to the cheesecake container base securely... set apart in refrigerator.
  5. In a sizable mixing dish cream Philadelphia lotion cheese along with electric beaters till soft. (room temperature makes this particular easier)
  6. Include the may of compacted milk as well as continue defeating with electrical mixer, slowly add the to whip cream... maintain beating till thickened...
  7. Dissolve gelatine in warm water.... beat in to cream blend
  8. Finally defeat in vanilla extract ensuring everything is actually evenly mixed..
  9. Poor the actual cream mix along with the previously prepared Oreo bottom... cover along with cling cover and refrigerate till set... for greatest results starightaway...
  10. Carefully get rid of from cheesecake container onto the serving dish... I prefer to finish this off along with finely grated whole milk chocolate..... appreciate?

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