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Oreo CheeseCake no bake

I love to consume desserts & cakes through dessert shop however we think it is type of expensive in the event that i wish to consume an entire dessert, and so i learn how to michael... much more
8 pieces


  • three hundred gr Lotion Parmesan cheese
  • 240 gr Mix Cream/Heavy Lotion
  • two hundred and fifty gr Sugars
  • 100 gr Butter/Margarine
  • sixteen items Jessica Cookies crumbles
  • 1 load up Oreo Cookies crumbles (additional)


  1. Split the actual Jessica & Oreo cookies (separate it is lotion in the biscuits) in to crumbles as well as place it in various dish every.
  2. Dissolve the actual butter/margarine as well as blend this to the dish associated with jessica cookies crumbles, obtain the dessert skillet (i make use of a 20cm diameters dessert pan) as well as include the actual skillet sides along with aluminum foil (to take away the dessert very easily through skillet later) after which place the actual jessica player upon it's sides, next place it within refrigerator with regard to quarter-hour.
  3. Mix collectively the actual Lotion Parmesan cheese, Whip/Heavy Lotion, as well as sugars till this combined (around 10-15 minutes), you can also include the actual oreo lotion to the player, as well as put this to the dessert skillet which sides have included in jessica crumbles as well as use it refrigerator for approximately 6 several hours (if your own refrigerator had been chilly sufficient after that simply wait around this with regard to 2-3 hours)
  4. Include what ever leading you prefer, with this formula we spread the actual oreo crumbles along with the actual dessert
  5. The actual Oreo CheeseCake had been prepared to function (but piece this very first alright, do not consume this entire 😆).

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