No cheese cheesecake

I have always wanted a minimal caloric cheesecake formula, so We improvised that one!
12 portions


  • 2 cup low-fat milk natural powder
  • 2 deals (110 gr each) fat-free yogurt/ Ancient greek yogurt
  • 1/2 mug granulated sugars
  • 1 touch vanilla natural powder


  • 3 egg cell whites
  • 1 tbsp sweetie
  • 1 mug oats
  • 1/2 tsp floor cinnamon


  • 1 Blood jam or even whatever leading sauce you prefer


  1. Roast oats inside a hot skillet, or within the oven till golden.
  2. Pour inside a tray, blend with egg cell whites, sweetie, and cinnamon until using a good regularity.
  3. Blend the actual milk, yogurt, surgical treatment, and vanilla till smooth.
  4. Pour within the tray within the oat brown crust area.
  5. Heat within medium heat for 20-30 min's (until consistent).
  6. Cool off in the actual fridge.
  7. Reduce into moderate squares, include the leading, and appreciate!?

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