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No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

Dark chocolate and lotion cheese... who are able to resist? We made this particular no make cake within disposable, microwavable containers to create them easy to get as well regarding make them simple to store within the fridge. The dissolved chocolate layer that's later freezing gives this particular no make an amazing crunch. Create a batch and tell your buddies!: )
10 portions
forty mins


    • one hundred and eighty grams smashed graham crackers
    • 1/2 mug melted butter
    • touch salt
    • four tbsp chilly water

    Crunchy dark chocolate layer

    • two cup dark chocolate chips

    Frosting coating

    • 225 gr cream parmesan cheese
    • 250 ml just about all purpose lotion or large cream
    • 1 clean lemon liquid
    • chocolate potato chips


    1. Combine graham crackers as well as butter inside a bowl. Include cold drinking water.
    2. Mold the actual graham mixture to the base of the wide pot to function as your own cake's brown crust area.
    3. Place the entire bit to the freezer with regard to 10-15 min's.
    4. While waiting around, melt the actual chocolate potato chips. I do that by cooking some water inside a deep saucepan as well as placing an additional saucepan along with it. The next saucepan is actually where We put the actual chocolate in order to melt.
    5. As soon as melted, remove the freezing graham. Rapidly and very carefully, spread the layer associated with melted chocolate along with the brown crust area. Do this particular quickly prior to the chocolate solidifies once again. You don't have to put all of the chocolate about the crust. Leave regarding 1/4 for that frosting.
    6. Put the entire bit back to the deep freeze again as well as let sit for around 10 min's.
    7. While waiting around, combine the actual lemon liquid, cream parmesan cheese and just about all purpose cream using the leftover dissolved chocolate. Blend well.
    8. Remove the crust in the freezer as well as place frosting within the chocolate coating.
    9. Place the actual cake back to the deep freeze and allow sit with regard to 10 min's. Or if you would like, you may just put it in the actual fridge if you need a melted frosting.
    10. Garnish along with some remaining chocolate potato chips if preferred. Serve upon plates or--do exactly what I do--eat directly in the container!: ) Appreciate!

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