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No Bake Cheesecake

Simple as well as top macking! We wager you may make this much better: -)
four portions
15 minutes


  • 10 McVities Digestive system Cookies
  • forty gr Butter
  • two hundred and fifty gr Lotion Parmesan cheese
  • 125 ml To whip Lotion
  • two tsp " lemon " Liquid
  • two tbsp Sugars
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Substance


  1. Grind all of the Digestive system Cookies utilizing in whatever way you would like. Make use of a hands beater or just grind all of them having a moving pin number. It is simply the actual smashed cookies you are considering!
  2. Dissolve the actual butter inside a microwave stove. This particular will probably be employed for the bottom too.
  3. Blend the actual smashed cookies using the, right now obtained, dissolved butter making use of your tips of the fingers.
  4. Oil the actual attributes of the dessert container along with butter and today, equally distribute the actual blend to create the bottom of the dessert (Tip: Throw the bottom to the refrigerator with regard to somewhile. It'll help to make your own bottom firmer as well as tougher. )
  5. Defeat the actual To whip Lotion as well as Lotion Parmesan cheese collectively utilizing an Electrical Beater. Right now, include all of those other ingredients- Sugars, Vanilla substance, " lemon " liquid to the blend. Defeat until this will get rigid as well as rich and creamy.
  6. Put this particular blend within the bottom as well as make use of a rubberized spatula in order to degree the very best.
  7. Throw this to the refrigerator with regard to an additional 3 several hours.
  8. You are carried out! Function this together with your preferred toppings. Fruits? Dark chocolate Syrup? Why don't you?

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