Lemon Cheese Cake

Slim coating associated with " lemon " dessert. Crispy, fairly sweet as well as bitter.
10-12 portions

Brown crust area

  • two hundred and fifty grms flour
  • 100 grms sugars
  • 225 grms butter
  • 0. 5 tsp sodium
  • two. 5 tsp cooking natural powder

Filling up

  • four ova
  • thirty-five grms flour
  • three hundred grms sugars
  • 3 tsp " lemon " zeal
  • one hundred sixty grms " lemon " liquid
  • 100 grms lotion cheese/mascarpone parmesan cheese

Best sifting

  • Powder sugars


  1. Preheated stove with regard to 180°C.
  2. Mix flour, sugars as well as sodium inside a medium-sized dish. Include cubed butter as well as make use of hand in order to reduce the actual butter before topple combined.
  3. Location the cooking document inside a aspect as well as base of the cooking skillet, put the actual topple as well as push this to the base. Make with regard to 20 moment. As well as put aside till somewhat cooled down.
  4. For that submitting, blend egg cell as well as sugars utilizing a moderate pace machine. Include " lemon " zeal as well as " lemon " liquid.
  5. Include lotion parmesan cheese, as well as whisk utilizing a higher pace machine before player is actually nicely combined.
  6. Include leftover flour towards the player.
  7. Put the actual player towards the brown crust area as well as make with regard to half an hour or even till the toothpick put is actually emerge thoroughly clean.
  8. Sort powder sugars on the top.

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