Honeycomb Cheesecake

Therefore, the very first time I attempted this, I thickly chop up 4 Crunchie Pubs, this had been a amazing idea.. until the following day: ( the actual honeycomb experienced melted!
I suggest that should you choose use pubs, cut upward and throw on right before you tuck within!


  • 100 gr Caster Sugars
  • 150 gr Unsalted Butter
  • 500 gr Cream Parmesan cheese
  • 300 ml Dual Cream
  • two hundred grams Digestive system Biscuits
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Draw out (or 1 Pod)
  • two Bags associated with Cadburys Crunchie Nuggets


  1. Grease the 23cm container and break the biscuits inside a bag. Melt the actual butter inside a pan on the low warmth, add the actual crumbs as well as stir. Get rid of from warmth, place within tin as well as squash lower. Set within the fridge with regard to 1hr.
  2. Location cheese, sugar as well as extract inside a bowl as well as mix.
  3. Whisk cream inside a separate dish until this creates gentle peaks. Pour within the bags associated with Crunchie Nuggets as well as mix. Include the parmesan cheese mix as well as fold within.
  4. Place the actual mix about the base and occur the refrigerator for 1hr. Sprinkle honeycomb on the top to enhance!

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