Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

This particular treat is really a scrumptious mix in between the dessert along with a dessert; it isn't because crumbly like a dessert although not because gentle like a dessert. How big the actual skillet depends upon your individual choice and thus will the actual cooking period. Simply to help you evaluate: my own had been cooked inside a 28 cm circular dessert skillet to have an hr. Yum!
12 portions
sixty minutes


  • 240 grams melted butter
  • 350 grams dark brown sugars
  • two packets vanilla sugars
  • four ova
  • six hundred grams basic flour
  • 1 touch sodium
  • two teaspoons cooking soda pop
  • 1 box cooking natural powder (12g)
  • two hundred and fifty grams dark chocolate (I utilized 200g whole milk as well as 50g darkish chocolate), carefully cut


  1. Lotion butter as well as sugars collectively. Include the actual ova individually
  2. Sort within the dried out elements (flour, sodium, cooking soda pop as well as cooking powder). Mix however do not overmix
  3. Finally, collapse within the dark chocolate portions
  4. Make inside a greased circular dessert skillet with regard to 50-55 minutes inside a 170°C stove. The actual dessert will not appear prepared via as well as it's still jiggly however it may arranged whenever awesome. Make to have an hr for any crispy dessert or even with regard to forty five min's for any really gentle 1, this will depend about the skillet dimension.

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