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Vegetarian Sausage Pie

We could not look for a vegetarian chicken cake formula upon right here therefore here is my own!
6 portions
one hour 10 minutes


  • Pastry
  • 3 1/4 mug flour
  • 1 deals Butter
  • four Ova
  • two 1/2 mug Drinking water
  • Cake Filling up
  • 1 deals Celery
  • two tsp Dried out combined herbal treatments
  • 1/4 tsp Sodium
  • 1/4 tsp Spice up
  • four tsp Rosemary
  • two tsp Powder garlic clove
  • two 1/2 tbsp Bisto granules
  • 3 Vegetarian sausages
  • 1 deals Mushrooms
  • two Big potatos
  • 1 Red onion
  • 1 may Peas


  1. Provide flour as well as 0. 5 mugs drinking water in order to steam within skillet as well as simmer after that
  2. include butter, blend within since it touches
  3. Include ova within 1 by 1 mixing all of them within thouroughly every time
  4. Mix untill blend is very heavy as well as organization as well as get rid of through skillet as well as put on the area where one can part this having a moving pin number
  5. Location several handfuls associated with flour in your moving area
  6. Location the actual pastry about the moving area as well as move this away in order to regarding 4mm heavy
  7. Stroke a little bit of flour in your cake meal
  8. Reduce a bit of pastry to suit your cake meal as well as put it inside
  9. Flatten this just a little together with your closed fist as well as drive the actual pastry as much as the actual sides from the meal together with your fingertips
  10. Reduce an additional bit of pastry 4mm heavy that's the area of the cake meal as well as put it to 1 aspect
  11. Peel off as well as cut celery, potatos, red onion as well as mushrooms in to relativley little items
  12. Deplete the actual peas in the container drinking water as well as location the actual peeled potatos as well as peas along with a few rosmary inside a skillet as well as simmer untill prepared
  13. Although the actual peas as well as potatos tend to be simmering place a little bit of essential oil inside a frying pan and begin baking the actual celery
  14. Cut the actual vegatarian sausages in to little peices
  15. Include mushrooms onions, vegatarian sausages, 2tspn rosemary, 1tspn combined herbal treatments, garlic clove natural powder as well as spice up towards the blend as well as fry on the moderate warmth untill prepared
  16. Preheat stove in order to 175c
  17. Place cake meal within stove with regard to 10 min's
  18. Although the actual cake meal is within the actual stove include two mugs cooking drinking water towards the bisto natural powder inside a container, blend untill sleek as well as include sodium as well as 2tspn rosmary as well as 1tspn combined herbal treatments blend this once again several times
  19. Place the actual bisto blend within the microwave upon higher energy with regard to twenty five mere seconds
  20. Consider peas as well as potatos from the warmth as well as deplete water as well as wash via a colander
  21. Consider vegetables as well as chicken mixture of warmth as well as blend along with peas as well as potatos as well as bisto inside a dish. Mix this a number of occasions
  22. Take away the cake meal in the stove. Location the actual filling out in order to cake meal as well as location pastry include on the top
  23. Push the actual sides from the pastry best lower around the sides together with your fingertips
  24. Reduce the mix form in the center of the actual cake
  25. Stove make from 175c with regard to forty min's
  26. Get rid of through stove and revel in!

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