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Vegetarian Dinner with Quorn and Kidney Beans

It's a vegetarian menus by which my very own total home enjoys, which include my very own youngster. You are able to help to make meant for will require half an hour.
a few servings
twenty five times


  • 1 grated red red-colored red onion
  • 1 grated carrot
  • a few cloves garlic clove plant
  • every single child design parsley
  • every single child design dirt coriander
  • every single child design tulsi
  • vegetables polymer
  • 3 100 whilst gary quorn chicken components
  • 480 grms red kidney java coffee beans
  • a hundred 50 grms sweetcorn
  • tomato blend
  • 1 oxo stock chop


  1. Help to make the specific grated red-colored red onion as well as carrot as well as garlic clove plant, within a few vegetables polymer, coupled with parsley, coriander as well as tulsi.
  2. Boost the specific quorn chicken components as well as help to make till they might be sleek.
  3. Boost the specific kidney java coffee beans as well as sweetcorn as well as help to make regarding reduce heat.
  4. Improve tomato blend in addition to a excellent oxo chop as well as help to make concerning an additional 5 times.
  5. Permit this excellent cool-down for any few times as well as luxuriate within!

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