Rolled Lasagna

This can be a yummy twist on the classic lasagne,
4 portions


  • 4 linens of clean lasagna pasta
  • 1 entire roasted lead pages
  • 4 packages of freezing spinach, wilted inside a saucepan
  • 8 tsp cooking food cream or even creme fraiche
  • 1 sodium and spice up
  • 1 may pre created tomato as well as garlic pasta marinade
  • 1 mug grated parmesan cheese


  1. First you have to roast your own squash, place whole within the oven upon 140*c heat to have an hour . 5 and the actual let awesome.
  2. Then place the freezing spinach inside a saucepan along with half the cup associated with boiling drinking water to defrost as well as wilt. You may season along with salt as well as pepper if you want.
  3. In a good oven secure dish, pour the actual tomato sauce into cover the underside. You may add about 50 % a mug of water too if you want, as a few of the moisture may cook away.
  4. Roll out the new lasagna linens. If they're a little bit stiff and also you are worried they might cracked, let all of them wit upon some warm water for one minute to make softer. Lay the actual sheets toned and tea spoon the pumpkin blend onto every sheet, so there's a decent coating covering the majority of the sheet.
  5. Spoon several leaves associated with spinach within the pumpkin as well as finish along with two teaspoons associated with cooking lotion on every sheet associated with lasagna pasta.
  6. Roll the actual lasagne linen up right into a tube using the filling within. Cut in to pieces which are about four cm lengthy and devote the dish to the sauce.
  7. After you have done this with the pasta, cover the very best with parmesan cheese and cook within an oven upon 350°F for half an hour. Then function with a few crusty garlic clove bread and revel in!

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