Delicious Vegan Dinner

Tasty, FILLING UP, as well as wholesome vegan supper
1 -- two portions
5-10 min's


  • Fifty percent a good hearing associated with hammer toe
  • Fifty percent the red-colored pepper(I utilized a mixture of remaining yellow-colored red-colored as well as green)
  • One fourth of the red-colored red onion
  • 1 little red-colored spud
  • 1 moderate details associated with dark coffee beans
  • 1 mug prepared grain
  • Nice quantity Investor Joe's manufacturer Eggplant garlic clove distribute
  • two tblspn Essential olive oil


  1. Include Essential olive oil in order to skillet as well as cut in the vegetables, sautee till they are for your preference.
  2. My own had been remaining and so i simply warmed up this upward, however ready your grain and obtain this on the dish.
  3. Place this unique as well as scrumptious distribute along with your own grain, or even quietly, that we choose.
  4. Include sauteed vegetables, and also the dark coffee beans.
  5. Appreciate!!! Simply because this really is from the freaking walls great. You are able to say thanks to me personally later on 😛.

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